Common mistakes people make with on-page SEO

When receiving a new website from a client I instantly find some of the most common mistakes that needs fixing. These are simple fixes and can easily be done by you…


This is the most common one out of them all that I always find. When some people make a title, they write a paragraph. The title tags is here to give people a very brief overview of what your site is. Do not make a title longer than 70 characters, there is no need for it and it won’t even show right in the search results anyway so it will just look like a mess. Some sites I have seen have had titles with over 150 characters and it is just ridiculous. The title is the link that shows up when people click your site. You want it to look good so your CTR is increased. Fix it!

Keyword Tags

Keyword tags are not even used by google anymore, the google bot ignores them. If anything google looks at them as spammy now, so lets remove them.

META Description

The META Description is what explains your site in a brief description when showing in the google ranks. This is also another common problem you find with websites. People put in a massive description about the site and most of it is not even going to show! It will just look messy and strange. The META Description should be a max of 160 characters, if it is anymore then no one is going to see further than 160 characters. I also suggest writing a convincing brief description so it bring people attention increasing your CTR in the rankings!

Now if you are very new to understanding how these work lets quickly show you what they are..

Red Line: Title <title></title>

Black Line: Description which would be  <meta name=”description” content=”description here”/>

These are the three most common mistakes I see when people show me the site. Lets fix these up and I will post some more in another post at a later date!

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